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We look forward to cybersecurity and invite you to discuss the following agreements with your child so that you and your child stay safe if you use Digital Technologies at school or at home. Schools are responsible for writing their own student use policies. You will find templates and guides to work with students under Bullystoppers: Student acceptable use agreement. The Acceptable Use Directive describes the appropriate use of the Department`s information, communication and technology resources. The directive does not apply to students. See the agreement on the acceptable use of students. PARENTS: After reading the agreement on the acceptable use of technology, . At Fitzroy High School, we support the right of all members of the school community to have access to safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces. This is reinforced by our expectation of safe and responsible behaviour for all members of the school community. .

When I use digital technologies and the Internet, I respect all school equipment/devices/infrastructure through: Thank you for your continued support in your child`s learning, especially through these fantastic learning technologies. 2020 FAMILY ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGIES AGREEMENT . Parents/caregivers play a crucial role in developing knowledge, understanding and ethics around their child`s safety and safe practices, regardless of the time of day or local time, at home, at school or in public places. . The full directive is availab to be published under the «E.G.I. Directive for the Acceptable Use of ICT Systems» (pdf – 396.98kb) «Cyber-security,» which deals with the safe use of the internet and ICT devices and devices, including mobile phones. This authorized use agreement must be signed and returned before students` BYOD devices are connected to the school network. This Authorized Use Agreement applies to all digital technologies and environments, including (although not limited): «inappropriate material» is material dealing with topics such as sex, cruelty or violence in a manner likely to harm children or incompatible with a school environment. . Materials sent and received on the school network can be monitored and filtering and/or monitoring software is used to restrict access to certain websites and data, including inappropriate content. We understand that primary school children may accidentally access, share or interact inappropriately, and we will work with you and your child to resolve any challenges encountered using appropriate wellness policies.

Their support is, as always, the key to finding solutions in these difficult situations. In the rare case where a student is suspected of an electronic crime («e-crime»), this may be reported to Victoria Police. When a personal electronic device, such as a mobile phone, is used to record images or videos of a crime, such as. B an assault or invasion of privacy, the device is seized and handed over to the police. CYBER-SAFETY AT LABURNUM PRIMARY SCHOOL: The acceptable use of technologies If I use digital technologies and the Internet, I agree to be a safe, responsible and ethical user at all times, through: when I use digital technologies and the Internet, I respect myself and others by thinking about what I share online. This means that I have read and discussed the agreement on the acceptable use of technology with my child/ren. I understand that my child must respect the behaviours expected of this agreement and that there are educational measures and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Niveau de l`année ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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