Concordia Cufa Collective Agreement


51.05 On request, the employer makes available to a member a printed copy (1) of the agreement in his or her preferred language. 2) The member selects one of the three previous options until the expiry of the 22 (22) days covered by Section 27.15 (a) or 27.16 (a). If the member has not made a selection at the end of this 22.22-day period, he is considered the option of section 27.14 1) (a) and signs an agreement as covered by Appendix 10A. (e) No member arrested is awarded more than twelve (12) training courses over a period of two (2) years, unless this is provided for in Article 16.12 (a) or by mutual agreement under Article 16.04 (i), provided that the surcharge is compensated by a corresponding reduction in the academic year immediately before or after the two-year period. In this case, seven of the collective agreements expressly provided that the workers they insured had the right to participate in Concordia`s pension plan, in accordance with the terms of the plan. One collective agreement provided that Concordia agreed to maintain the existing employee plan in its bargaining unit, while another agreement indirectly referred to the plan by setting the age at which workers are entitled to full retirement or early retirement. This may be more than the «simple link» to which dissent refers and satisfy the review applied by arbitrators to determine whether a performance dispute can be refereed or likely to be tried. 45.23 As a general rule, dismissed members have full access to scientific facilities, including offices and laboratories, as well as library and computer services, until an equivalent alternative employment is guaranteed or their recall rights are extinguished, depending on what happens in the first place. They are still entitled to renounce studies under this agreement for the same period.

(a) A member who has fulfilled the obligations and responsibilities set out in this article may, after consultation with the Dean, provide up to two additional courses scheduled and available for a scholarship that will be amended as follows: for the purposes of this article, the «current collective agreement» refers to this collective agreement as soon as it comes into force. The disagreement in this decision criticized the majority in favour of a «but for» approach to Weber, in which the review is: can one claim without the existence of the collective agreement? According to the dissent, this was a misapsed of the Weber Principles, which were intended to determine the essential nature of the dispute. In this regard, the dissent found that Bisaillon could only demonstrate that it was a «simple connection» between his claims and the provisions of the collective agreement. 33.07 Disability periods of four (4) months or less have no impact on a member`s participation in other benefits or on the eligibility of other section 41 benefits of this agreement. 26.01 The purpose of sabbatical is to serve the university`s objectives by providing blocked members and ETAs with a regular opportunity to maintain and improve their academic and professional skills on campus, without normal teaching/work and service obligations. Sabbatical leave is intended to promote intensive scientific and professional activities through periods of research and concentrated study. The parties to this agreement recognize a shared responsibility to ensure the effective use of sabbaticals to strengthen the university`s objectives.

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