Effects Of 1900 Buganda Agreement


The presentation of this topic shows that the signing of the Buganda Agreement has led to changes in Uganda`s policy and social lifestyle. The signing of the Buganda agreement undermined Kabaka forces when Kabakaship`s functions were swept away: he lost his say to Bugandas Landdingen. He could no longer appoint leaders without the protectorate administration agreeing and other ideas that your territory administration was centered were swept away. In areas such as Busoga, Kigezi and Ankole, existing political structures have been remixed and traditional leaders have all been placed among western district officials. These actions raised a question among today`s free writers: «Did the flag follow the mix?» The country of Mailo was subdivided between members of the royal family, Reich officials and a few individuals. Other beneficiaries were religious institutions. At the time of the signing of the agreement, the figures of the allocated area were estimated. After consultation, the contracting parties had to sit down together and conclude what the agreement had decided after the award. This culminated in the attribution of Buganda from 1913 Agreement.As after Article 15, the natives who did not enter the categories of persons to whom the land was allocated were rendered landless. They became squatters. The tax system, which was to finance the new administrative structure, was also introduced as part of the agreement. The Uganda Herald newspaper of August 14, 1914 reproduces the oath: «I Daudi Chwa, I swear that I will serve our sovereign lord King George V well and truly in Kabaka`s office in Buganda, and I will do well to all kinds of people according to the law and the use of the protectorate of Uganda, without fear or favor, affection of goodwill. This is how God helps me. The British wanted not only to be the masters of the kingdom and its people, but also to have a say in the next Kabaka.

After the death of Kabaka, his successor was elected by a majority of votes in the Lukiiko Council or the Original Council. The name of the person elected by the Council of Mothers must be submitted for approval by Her Majesty`s Government and no person may be recognized as Kabaka by Uganda whose election has not received the approval of Her Majesty`s Government,» Article 6 continues. Prior to the signing of the agreement, The Kabaka of Buganda chose its officials without consultation. However, with the signing of the 1900 Agreement, land was allocated to Kabaka, its family members and its leaders, as civil servants and also as individuals. The land issue was addressed in Article 15, which estimated the total area of land in Buganda at 19,600 square miles. But the agreement also stipulated that if a survey were to be conducted, and it was found that Buganda had less than 19,600 square miles, «then the part of the country that must be entrusted to Her Majesty`s Government will be reduced to the extent by the lack found in the estimated area.» After the agreement came into force, the country was divided in Buganda to Mailo and Kronland.

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