Montgomery County Police Collective Bargaining Agreement


Holland said the police «shouldn`t be a way to gain control or anything like that – and that`s not what we`re doing here in Montgomery County.» If Elrich is serious about reform, he needs to review his own police union contract to see if his provisions are compatible. If it does not do so, the borough council must intervene. Personal records are destroyed five years after a county employee leaves. Landkreis was unable to fund service supplements during the 2011, 2012, 2013 financial years and many workers were laid off in 2011. Please send all completed application forms to facilitate conflicts to the Office of Human Resources, Labor and Employee Relations Team at The police union stated that members were also concerned about how police officers can be arrested. Currently, police can arrest someone for questioning on the basis of «reasonable suspicion,» but the new legislation has raised the standard to «probable cause,» Hollande said. And so the contract orders the county to block public access to these recordings in court. But, he said, that police officers, as a last resort, «must absolutely have the ability to use all necessary means» to defend themselves, including the ability to use the carotid at hand. The FOP can then require that the proposed rule or directive be negotiated. If the chief disagrees, the matter is referred to the county`s permanent arbitrator, who decides whether the rule or directive should be negotiated. This provision limits the chief`s ability to lead his department without the consent of an arbitrator.

It could certainly be activated to thwart all reform proposals rejected by the union. In D.C. the Fraternal Order of Police sued the district because of this emergency law which, among other things, eliminates the union from the disciplinary procedure. The federal complaint argues that it effectively discriminates against the police task force and deprives the union of the ability to shape policy, a power that other groups of workers retain. Section E. Invocations. Landkreis agrees to obtain judicial protection against subpoenas or charges that require AVL/PRL data stored on the movements and location of vehicles assigned to members of the unit, with the exception of subpoenas issued by a grand jury, prosecutor or prosecutor. Landkreis will seek protection from subpoenas and court summonses until a point is reached for court decisions to prove that denAW/PRL-Daten is not confidential information. Der Landkreis kann gegebenenfalls die Gericht `berpr-fung von Gerichtsentscheidungen beantragen, die die Freigabe von AVL/PRL-Daten anordenen, aber der Landkreis ist nicht verpflichtet.

If the landkreis decides to appeal, the worker has the right to pursue the complaint at the worker`s own expense, as allowed by the court. In certain circumstances, the FOP may compel the Chief of Police to negotiate new or amended rules or directives. County spokespeople say: «The original agreement would have provided a lump sum of $1,200 for employees who are not entitled to an increase in benefits. The renegotiated contract reduced the lump sum to $1,000. A recent law on police reform in D.C. has already triggered a complaint from a police union in the district. But an Order of Police official in Montgomery County, Maryland, said his union was considering taking legal action there to challenge the ban on police strangulation and other reforms authorized by the county council. In a June 4 article by The Washington Post and comments from THE OMCP, the Marc Elrich County Executive promised to reform the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD). According to the OMCP, Elrich stated that the MCPD had an «institutional problem» that «starts from top to bottom». He said he would submit a «reassessment of everything» contract to the borough council through MCPD.

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