Separate Maintenance Agreements


Any spouse may sue for a separate maintenance and assistance order, as long as the parties live separated and separated (in an error-free situation), or reasons for error can be proven. Couples generally choose to separate, either because they are morally opposed to marriage, because they need a cooling-off period before trying to reconcile, or because there are financial benefits to remaining legally married. The separate maintenance contract is a contract between the two spouses that regulates ownership and access to their mutual property. Conditions may be adapted to the situation of a total division of assets in total separation or a continuous mix with a spouse who provides child care or support services. I, _____der city in the state of Alabama, Lawyer, DO HEREBY CERTIFY:THAT I was consulted this day in my professional capacity by – appointed as part of the desatos, as a separate separation agreement and with the exception of – with respect to their legal rights and commitments in accordance with the terms of that agreement, and that I acted exclusively for them and explained to them the nature and effect of this previous separation agreement. , and that she recognized it in my and mine and explained it and explained it. that they did so of their own free will and without fear, threats, coercion or influence of ` or any other person. Dated in the city of Alabama, this ___day of a separate support action allows the family court to resolve any issues that could be resolved by a divorce action, with the exception of the granting of a divorce. Thus, the family court may rule on the custody, visitation and support of the parties` children, distribute marital property equitably and secure or deny food. The issues resolved in a final order of separate interview, whether through a judicial agreement or a judicial procedure, are considered final and cannot be amended or can only be amended in the event of a significant change in circumstances.

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