Transition Agreement Template


This agreement will confirm our understanding of the transition of your work with Cubic Corporation («Cubic») from Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to Executive Advisor for the 2018 GJ period and the reciprocal separation of your work with Cubic on October 1, 2018. This Executive Transition Agreement replaces and replaces the December 21, 1998 working letter contract (the «employment contract») and all other work-related agreements or obligations made prior to the entry into force of this transitional contract (along with the employment contract, «previous agreements») by and under ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. , a Delaware company (the company) and Uli Hacksell. , Ph.D. (the «executive»). This transitional agreement enters into force on the effective date mentioned in Section 7. We have approved a plan for your retirement from Headwaters Incorporated («Headwaters» or «the company»). The company has asked you to help you ensure the smooth transfer of your duties and responsibilities as the company`s Chief Financial Officer to your successor. This mail-order agreement (this «agreement») defines the terms of passage to 2,000 jobs between you («you» or «executive») and the company acting on the date of this agreement («effective date»), and replaces the terms of your employment contract with the company of October 26, 2007 (the «previous agreement») and the amendment agreement between you and the company of September 4, 2007 (the «amendment agreement»). CNET Networks, Inc.

(«CNET» or «the company») and Douglas Woodrum («employees») obtained mutual understanding and agreement on the transfer of the CFO`s employee`s position to another position within the company. Given the implementation of this agreement, the parties agree that in exchange for the employee`s («Agreement») agreement, it is always a good idea to have a plan. A transitional contract is a contract between a company and a contractor for the continuation of its services for a period after the conclusion of Demener`s original contract. This document helps ensure that all necessary roles, projects and timelines are not interrupted during the transition period. It`s easy to make you a transition contract. We`re guiding you through it. This employment transition agreement (the «agreement») will be concluded on January 26, 2005 by and between Dolby Laboratories, Inc., a Delaware company (with its subsidiaries, the «company») and Janet Daly («collaborator» or «she»). You and the company have agreed to define our permanent working relationship and to resolve by mutual agreement all the issues that arise from our relationship.

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