Charles Darwin University Enterprise Agreement 2013


AG2004/5647, AG2004/7193 s.170LS-Antrag von CFMEU – Construction and General Division, SA Divisional Branch and another for certification of the australian Kitchen Industries Pty Limited Enterprise Agreement 2004-2005; s.170LS requests CFMEU – FFPD-South Australian Branch (No 3 Branch) and another for certification of the Agreement Agreements of Australia and Kitchen Pty Limited Enterprise Agreement 2004-2005 O`Callaghan SDP – 11. November C2003/2461, C2003/2515-16 s.113 Antrag von MUA und anderen eine Abweichendes des Maritime Industry Seagoing Award 1999 re respondency – coverage of ships Ikuna and Hakula; s.111 (1) (b) application for AIMPE for the awarding of an award for the Hakula Maritime Industry and Ikuna Marine Engineers Award 2004; and s.111 (1) (b) AIMPE request for an award for the maritime industry Hakula and Ikuna Ratings Award 2004 – Raffaelli C – 24 November C00496/98, 2004/3484-85 Review at item 51, 1996 s.113 SDAEA request for various catalogues, Distributors and Allied Employees Association – Victorian Shops Interim Award 2000 re name as interviewees in the Master Grocers Association of Victoria Ltd Consent Award 1996; s.113 SDAEA`s request for a series of the Master Grocers` Association of Victoria Ltd Consent Award 1996 reintroduces the award in its current form and mentions the companies in another simplified premium that constitutes a minimum price premium – Raffaelli C – November 10 C2004/4249 s.113 Request from John St`s Village Inc., for health and allied services – Private sector – Victoria Consolidated Award 1998 port conversion 40.2 leave, addition of the new sub-clause 40.3 and re-numbering the following sub-clauses – Kaufman SDP – November 24 C2003/3510 et al. s.111 (1).b) Requests from TeleTech International Pty Limited and others on an award; s.99 Notification of a dispute by ASU and another and Salmat Teleservice Pty Ltd et al. re log rights – wages and conditions of employment; s.113 ASU request for the cancellation of the Contract Call Centre Industry (Interim) Award 2002 re a dispute finding involving TeleTech International Pty Ltd – Giudice J, Lawler VP, Smith C – 15 November C2004/3812, C2004/3823, C2004/4332 s.113 LHMWU applications for variation of hostels for the elderly and disabled (ALHMWU) Interim (Roping-in No 1) Award 1997 and the Residential Aged Care (inns) 2002 re safety net review – salaries May 2004; s.113 LHMWU Application – Western Australian Branch for The Variety of Residential Aged Care (Inns) Award 2002 re adding SHRM (Australia) Pty Ltd to the Ages and Disabled Person Hostels (ALHMWU) Interim (Roping-in No 1) Award 1996 – McCarthy DP – 9 November C2004/6311, C2004/6319 and C2004/6325 s.113 LHMU Applications for Plastic Variation, Resins, Synthetic Rubbers and Rubbers (Plastic Sheet Fabrication) Award 1999, Australian Paint Industry Award 2000 and Tanning Industry Award 1999 re provisions for make-up pay for casual employees in accordance to the Full Bench decision of 11 October 2004 [PR95 2376] – Acton SDP – 16 November C2004/5633, C2004/5635 s.48 appeals by Telstra Corporation Limited to issue Improvements Nos.

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